Setting Healthy Boundaries
with Your Child

How to be firm, yet loving in setting limits!

Want a more happy, manageable child? Become a better you!

Heal the Body, Mind,
Heart and Soul
Power in Parenting

Tap into the power of how to motivate your child!

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Here's what you get when you let us guide you to a true and meaningful relationship with your child.

Course: Power in Parenting

Real-life techniques and principles to create true peace and motivation with your child!


Parents just like you that will support, encourage, and motivate you to reach your parenting goals!


Weekly live group coaching sessions to receive training, ask questions, and experience break throughs!

            Paradigm Change

We’ll help you see a whole new way to parenting and a whole new way of being to find more peace and joy in your life!



We’ll show you what it really takes to succeed, and will provide honest and constructive feedback along the way!


Creating true peace and motivation with an Asperger’s / ADHD child is hard! We’ll keep you motivated with fun challenges, big rewards and accountability.

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