High Point Performance

High Point Performance is built on the foundation that behavioral, motivational, and life challenges are most effectively addressed by actively engaging all parties to heal the mind, heart, body and soul.  Each of the coaching programs offered by High Point Performance approach these challenges through a unique blend of training, support, coaching, accountability, and a holistic approach to healing  relationships by healing each individual.

The result has been that many clients have not only found true healing in their specific area of concern, but now experience improved relationships, increased awareness, increased joy, and more productivity and effectiveness in their lives. 

I was just like you.  I have felt all of the pain, frustration, and stress that you’re now dealing with!  

My son, Travis was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) when he was 7, and later was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s) and ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) when he was 12. He was having meltdowns almost daily. He was extremely defiant and every time we tried to implement consequences for his behavior, he would just double down in his defiance! There were the regular daily episodes of defiance, but at times it escalated to physical threats such as pulling a knife, and even destruction of property!  My wife and I were very scared and worried, but we really didn’t know what to do.
When Travis became a teenager, we had run out of options and had no place else to turn. As a last resort, we made arrangements for Travis to go to a residential treatment facility for a substantial cost that forced us to take out everything we had and even mortgage our home!  Even after a year in this facility, when it came time for Travis to begin integrating back into home life, school, and other activities, again things began to break down!

Then we learned some secrets and parenting strategies that changed our lives and Travis’ life!

Now Travis is a straight A’s student in college, happily married to a wife that adores him, and a successful businessman!

Travis and I both felt a strong desire to share the secrets we have learned that have completely changed Travis’ life and made me a much better parent, so that you can bring that same power into your life and the life of your child! Thus High Point Performance was born!

High Point Performance is dedicated to helping the parents of behaviorally challenged children to learn effective parenting techniques and principles to empower them to achieve great results with their children.


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Healthy Boundaries

How to be firm, yet loving in setting limits!

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Healing Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

Want a more happy, manageable child?  Become a better you!

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Power of Parenting

Tap into the power of how to motivate your child!

Get To Know Our Team!

David Monson

President • Founder • Mentor • Performance Coach • Member of the International Society for Performance and Instruction

David is recognized nationwide as trainer and performance coach extraordinaire. He has been a performance coach for many large corporations helped many leadership teams reach optimal performance. He has developed 100s of courses and taught 1000s in the areas of business, leadership and management skills.

In addition to his vast business experience, he has spent the last 20 years researching, learning and applying effective parenting skills – particularly with Asperger’s and ADHD children. David says, “Over the last 20 years I have made many parenting mistakes, and gained some valuable lessons and parenting secrets through it all. I have used the solid truths I have gained to form this parenting program with all the effective motivation and accountability principles that have made my coaching/training career so successful!”

David lives in the Salt Lake City area with his wife Christine and is the proud father of 5 wonderful children. He enjoys reading, gardening and being physically active hiking, biking and power walking.

Travis Monson

Co-Founder • Life Coach • Head of Research & Development

Travis has worn a variety of different hats through his career, but his work primarily consists of coaching, research, running live workshops and seminars, writing books, and developing new products with David and the rest of the team.

He is a self-professed, hard-core psychology nerd, and he’s known around the office as a “walking encyclopedia”. Got a question about something? Chances are he’s read a study about it. However, you should probably avoid asking him that question. Seriously. He will talk your ear off and then he won’t give it back.

He is currently pursuing his degree in Psychology and Business Administration. Following graduation, he will begin working towards his Ph.D.

Travis currently lives in Northern Utah with his wife Jessica where they both enjoy long bike rides, hiking, goofing off, and quiet evenings curled up with a tv show or a good book.

“David, That was amazing advice. Thank you so much! We are seeing two therapists and neither of them came close to that advice.” – Sherry

“Thanks David for sharing. A lot of mommies will get inspired by your story!” – Rosa

“Thank you. I so needed to hear this!” – JJ

“David, I panic for the future for my son, your advice gives me hope that he will have a bright one! Thank you!!” – Kitty