Heal the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

Heal the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul


I was just like you.  I was single parent struggling just to keep my head above water. My son, Travis was having meltdowns almost daily. He was extremely defiant and every time I tried to implement consequences for his behavior, he would just double down in his defiance! Then a friend told me about a program he and his wife had been through that had given them true healing power in their lives. When he mentioned this I thought, “Yeah, sounds great but I need one more program in my life like I need a hole in the head!”

It was at that time that a voice soft but very clear came into my head, “Physician, heal thyself.” As I heard these words another memory flashed into my mind of one of the many times I sat on a plane, “If there is a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down from the overhead bins. FIRST secure your own mask AND THEN secure the mask of your child next to you.” I knew right then that they were right.  I couldn’t help my child unless I was willing to help myself first.

Since then I began my journey of true healing and self-mastery that has led me to where I am today. I realized that as I healed my body, heart, mind and soul, I became a better, more loving, more patient, and more resourceful parent.  Many of Travis’ improvements came because I was different! I had more love to offer, more patience to bear, and more insights to give him when he was ready. Now I want to share that gift of healing with you!  

In the Heal the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul series you will learn that your habits, behaviors and mental programming are responsible for the results and experiences you currently have in your life. Tap into the power of your brain, your heart, your body and your soul so you can achieve the results you have always wanted! Today is YOUR day—achieve what you have always dreamed of! Learn the techniques to recognize and replace unproductive patterns and move beyond faulty philosophies to enjoy greater success with your child – with your life!