Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Child

How to be FIRM, yet LOVING in SETTING LIMITS with your child

Setting healthy boundaries are NOT just for professional relationships or neighbors, they are NOT to punish someone or to fill some selfish desire. Boundaries are NOT just about what you want your child to do or not do.  Learn the TRUTH about setting boundaries and how setting boundaries can create a powerful and positive environment for both you and your child!

David and Travis debunk the myths about setting boundaries and explain how this can be a powerful tool to help transform your child!  In this course you’ll learn:

  1. What boundaries will and won’t do

  2. Powerful dialogue to set a boundary with love and understanding without getting defensive

  3. Powerful secrets for making boundaries effective regardless of how your child reacts

  4. How to handle even the most stubborn objections with understanding and love

When mastered, these skills will improve your relationship with your child in a BIG way! Get clear on why and how to set healthy boundaries with your child and watch as your results with your child increase!