Power in Parenting

Power in Parenting

Tap into the POWER of how to MOTIVATE YOUR CHILD!

ADHD, ODD, Autism Spectrum – for those who live with a child with any – or perhaps all of these disorders – life can be a daily struggle and many wonder if there is real hope for their child. We are here to stand up and say, YES, there is HOPE!

Travis was diagnosed with all three and we endured many of the same struggles you endure on a daily basis!  After medications, countless therapists, social anxieties, behavioral issues, struggles in school, and daily power struggles, we discovered some powerful secrets that turned Travis’ life around! He is now a straight A’s student in college, happily married and a successful businessman!

Join David and Travis in this extensive parenting program as they open up and share their secrets about how to identify why your child acts the way they do and prevent it so that you can resolve the ongoing struggle. How to motivate your child without rewards and punishments so you child can succeed long term. And how YOU can influence your child to change, even if they aren’t on board yet.

Take this step for you and for your child….Your child is worth it and you are worth it!